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Daily Toner

 Our Toner is formulated for everyday use and is suitable for all skin.  Especially beneficial for bringing balance to combination, oily, congested, or blemish prone skin. 

Rehab Scent:   Distinct witch hazel scent balanced by a herbal and earthy essential oil blend that's gives it a slightly medicinal scent.  

Made for:  Daily use. Normal, oily, or congested skin. Those living in warm humid climates or skin exposed to environmental pollutants .  Formulated to balance and deodorize oily congested skin.  

How to use:  Spray mist onto affected area or cotton ball, rub onto skin in a circular motion, and let dry.  Can be used in combination with our recovery moisturizer by spraying a few squirts into clean hand along with moisturizer and rub onto wet skin in a circular motion, pat skin dry.  For deep hydration leave on skin for a few minutes to fully absorb.

Texture: Liquid, fine mist.

Every Drop Made to Care

Ingredients: Rose water, witch hazel and pure essential oils of lavender, frankincense, clary sage, tea tree, rosemary, and eucalyptus.