We like for you to feel like you're getting a gift when you open a box of Safe House Naturals, even if it’s a present to yourself.  We think you deserve it!

We want to be as eco-friendly as possible and not send you all the bells and whistles every time you order from us as a repeat customer.   So we sometimes ship in cardboard boxes and pack with paper and reused packing materials and boxes for the orders we receive to help less waste end up in our landfills. We also don't offer express shipping to help reduce our carbon footprint by not having stuff flying in planes when they will get there pretty fast in a truck!  


All orders placed before 10:00 am EST M-F are shipped the same day by the Palm Beach Habilitation center.  A non-profit in Lake Worth Florida that trains and employs people with disabilities.

Frank insisted that we could do better and offer later same day shipping hours knowing you want your goods as quickly as possible.  After long and arduous negotiations, we came to a fair deal. Half his pay will be saved for a car when he turns 16 and the other half can be used for candy and video games. So he’s now in charge of shipping out all orders that are placed after 10:00 am but before 4:30 pm M-F. 

Labels on and ready to ship.

Gotta make sure the order goes to the right person!

Off to the post office!